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Can I buy non-essentials with child support?

It is difficult in many ways to be a single parent. You are often emotionally drained, and finances only add to your worries. Every penny of child support you receive is crucial to you and your children. You and other custodial parents in Pennsylvania might worry about the consequences of buying something your children don’t need with the child support money you receive.

When is alimony awarded in Pennsylvania?

If you are going through a Pennsylvania divorce, you are likely worried about your financial obligations post-divorce, or, on the flipside, your financial situation. The purpose of alimony is not to punish one spouse, but rather, to ease the burden of the lesser earning spouse as he or she transitions from married life to single life. The courts may also award alimony to prevent situations in which one spouse may suffer unfair financial consequences as a result of the divorce, and because he or she did not work or earned significantly less than the other spouse during the union. What does the purpose for alimony mean for you, though? The answer depends on factors that are unique to your case. 

Studies show joint custody may be best

Going through a divorce can be extremely emotional, especially when there are children involved. In most cases, both parents want what is best for their children, even though they were unable to make their marriage work. Whether parents can negotiate child custody through mediation or a court-appointed attorney is left to make the final decision, children may be placed in the sole custody of one parent or in joint-custody. While sole-custody is rather common, as it allows the child to stay in one place most of the time, studies show the true benefits of joint-custody and how it can be advantageous for kids to spend a significant amount of time with both parents.

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