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Can I buy non-essentials with child support?

On Behalf of | Oct 29, 2018 | Child Support

It is difficult in many ways to be a single parent. You are often emotionally drained, and finances only add to your worries. Every penny of child support you receive is crucial to you and your children. You and other custodial parents in Pennsylvania might worry about the consequences of buying something your children don’t need with the child support money you receive.

FindLaw explains that child support is meant for your children’s physical and emotional well-being, which probably comes as no surprise to you. However, your ex-spouse or well-meaning friends might tell you that your child support spending will be monitored. Your ex may even request receipts for the purchases you make with the money he or she gives you, which understandably might be cause for concern.

It may give you peace of mind to learn that your ex cannot demand to see receipts for purchases and may not tell you how to spend your child support. Additionally, the courts will not monitor your spending. You might spend the bulk of your child support on essentials like food, clothing and necessities for your children. However, you may also choose to spend child support on things your ex might deem unnecessary, such as gifts and restaurant meals. Since your children’s happiness is also important, child support can cover fun and enjoyable items that are not necessary for their survival.

Child support can be an emotional, contentious and complicated legal topic. Therefore, this information should not replace the advice of an attorney.

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