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Detailing Pennsylvania's child support guidelines

Most divorced parents in Reading likely anticipate having to pay some amount of child support each month. That said, those same people would likely agree that they do not want such payments to be viewed as being punitive. Some may believe that child support is a way in which one can get back at his or her ex-spouse by taking as much of his or her money as possible through child support. The truth is, however, the court does not allow that. It only wants to ensure that children have as much as is required to meet their needs. 

A post-divorce move may be illegal for you in Pennsylvania

It's natural to look for a fresh start in the time after your divorce. You've just been through a major ordeal, of course you will want time to heal and recover away from the emotional triggers lurking in your current neighborhood or city. Wait to fill the moving van, though. If you have a child, it may be illegal for you to relocate.

Does my divorce decree take care of everything?

If you have recently gotten divorced or maybe are in the process of a divorce, you will want to have a good understanding of what power your divorce decree will ultimately have. Certainly this document may be essential for you in many ways but it alone does not prevent your former spouse from inheriting your 401K account after you die, for example. 

Summer fun for kids after a divorce

In January, divorced parents in Pennsylvania might breathe a sigh of relief at having made it through the holiday season. This can be a tough time for divorced families as they have to find ways to split time with their children and their former spouses. Memorial Day, often seen as the unofficial start to the summer season, is just around the corner and that means another time of the year is here when this time sharing once again becomes front and center in a manner very different to the school year.

Adjusting to life after divorce

Even after the paperwork is finalized and the new chapter of life begins, it can be difficult to adjust to life after divorce. Children or no children, life after marriage can seem challenging and even disorienting for many Pennsylvania residents -- especially in the immediate months following a separation. There are ways, however, to break through the cloudy skies and find happiness once again. 

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