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Adjusting to life after divorce

On Behalf of | May 11, 2018 | Firm News

Even after the paperwork is finalized and the new chapter of life begins, it can be difficult to adjust to life after divorce. Children or no children, life after marriage can seem challenging and even disorienting for many Pennsylvania residents — especially in the immediate months following a separation. There are ways, however, to break through the cloudy skies and find happiness once again.

LiveAbout understands that the smallest details of life can end up having the biggest impact after a marriage has dissolved. For instance, choosing meals or interior decorating suddenly becomes an entirely different experience when a partner is not in the picture. While it is natural to grieve during these shocking realizations, LiveAbout pushes the newly divorced outside of the box and into a world of self-discovery. Relearning one’s own interests can become a journey in itself. Part of this step can involve new friend groups and clubs, which can both help individuals adjust to an unmarried life.

As bleak as daily routines after divorce may seem, there are other paths that can lead one out of tough times. Psychology Today offers advice on navigating obstacles after divorce, noting that taking the time for self-care is also an essential step in the healing process. A short, 10-minute break a day is all one might need to feel rejuvenated and ready to take on the day. By the same token, it is okay to spend this time accepting one’s emotions and remembering that complicated feelings are a natural part of going through divorce. Because every separation happens for its own reason, healing after a divorce can take many different paths, but the common goal is to reclaim one’s confidence and wellbeing.




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