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What expenses are not factored into child support?

Child support payments are a primary concern for divorcing parents as the income used to maintain one household will now be used to finance two homes. Child support is a source of income for many families; the funds are used to pay for basic necessities such as food and clothing. However, child support is meant to cover a broad range of expenses not necessarily factored in to the basic calculation.

Pet custody during a divorce

If you and your spouse have pets, you are like most families in America. Dogs and cats are the most common type of pets that people have and, especially when it comes to dogs humans tend to develop very strong ties to these animals. When you are faced with a divorce that means you could also be faced with the prospect of losing your beloved pet. Just how is pet custody handled in a divorce?

Paying alimony with 401K account funds

The financial impact of a divorce is one that may be felt in many way by people in Pennsylvania. Every day life gets more expensive as all of a sudden the same income has to support two homes instead of just one. On top of that, one spouse might be required to pay alimony to the other. 

Spousal support to undergo tax change

Dividing assets and debts when getting divorced can be one of the hardest parts of coming to an agreement during a divorce for couples in Pennsylvania. This is in part related to how hard it can be to part with hard-earned assets but it may also be challenging as the decisions made may have serious tax implications for one or both parties. When it comes to evaluating the possibility of one person making spousal support payments to the other, these tax implications are about to change dramatically.

Does mediation help with asset division?

When Pennsylvanian couples decide to split up, Palange, Endres & Marks, P.C., is here to help you through the legal hassles associated with divorce. One area of possible contention is asset division. In scenarios like that, it helps to have professionals on your side.

Reasons to consult an attorney in an uncontested divorce

Not all divorces are full of contention and spite. You and your soon-to-be-ex may have mutually agreed not to stay together, or you might decide to cooperate long enough to get the divorce over with and move on with your lives. If this is the case, then an uncontested divorce option like mediation or collaborative law might be ideal for you. Even so, our team at Palange & Endres, P.C., knows that amicable divorces in Pennsylvania are not always without complications, which is why it may be beneficial to have an attorney.

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