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Reasons to consult an attorney in an uncontested divorce

On Behalf of | Feb 2, 2018 | Firm News

Not all divorces are full of contention and spite. You and your soon-to-be-ex may have mutually agreed not to stay together, or you might decide to cooperate long enough to get the divorce over with and move on with your lives. If this is the case, then an uncontested divorce option like mediation or collaborative law might be ideal for you. Even so, our team at Palange & Endres, P.C., knows that amicable divorces in Pennsylvania are not always without complications, which is why it may be beneficial to have an attorney.

An uncontested divorce can come with numerous benefits you would not likely encounter if you took your disputes to court. For example, states the American Bar Association, mediation or collaboration keeps your issues private, rather than a matter of public record. There is less chance of conflict and contention when you resolve issues outside the courtroom. You and your spouse may learn ways to communicate and cooperate with each other, which can be helpful if you have children. Uncontested divorce is also usually more affordable and less time-consuming than litigation.

However, the ability to get along and see each other’s side in a dispute does not mean you are guaranteed a smooth and conflict-free divorce process. You and your spouse may not be able to agree on a parenting arrangement, or you might discover your spouse was hiding assets.

For these reasons and others, you might find that a family law attorney with experience in uncontested divorce may be an invaluable asset, as our page on divorce explains in further detail.

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