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Divorcing when struggling with debt

Many a Pennsylvania couple has found themselves headed for divorce and struggling with serious piles of debt at the same time. In fact, it is well-known that financial problems often contribute to marital struggles and even to some divorces. If you are in this situation, you might even be wondering if you and your spouse should file for bankruptcy before you get divorced. The answer to this question may depend on several different factors.

Do grandparents have custody rights?

If you are the grandparent of a child whose parents’ relationship has soured, you may have some concerns about your ongoing relationship with your grandchild. Luckily, Pennsylvania law does make allowances for grandparents to continue their important role in the child’s life under certain circumstances.

Important uses for a prenup

Many Pennsylvania residents might think that a prenuptial agreement is only useful for couples who are very wealthy such as celebrities or politicians. However, that is far from the case today as these marital contracts offer even the everyday or middle class couple many benefits. Understanding what a prenup can do is important for any serious dating couple.

Can I keep my business when I divorce?

If you own and operate a business with your husband or wife, you know that this can offer the two of you a very good life together. It can, however, become a source of struggle as it has for many other Pennsylvania couples before you. The struggles can only get worse if your marriage starts to fall apart and you appear headed down the path to divorce. At this point you will want to carefully evaluate your options for the business you have worked so hard to create and build.

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