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Grandparents can leave their grandchildren an inheritance

Pennsylvania grandparents that take direct responsibility for raising their grandchildren because the parents cannot care for them due to personal problems are often faced with how to leave their grandchildren an inheritance. While writing a will seems like an easy move, wills still have to go through probate, plus other relatives might make a move for the grandchildren’s inheritance. Fortunately, Pennsylvania seniors have ways to exert greater control over their grandchildren’s inheritance.

What do divorcing couples argue about the most and why?

Letting go of a marriage and starting over at any age is filled with challenges, most of which revolves around money. Women are particularly vulnerable to financial instability after parting ways. Undoubtedly, money and how much you have can play a major role of contention within divorce disputes.

What types of custody awards can be made?

If you are getting divorced in Pennsylvania and you have one or more minor children with your future former spouse, you will no doubt be very concerned about what might happen to your relationship with your kids.When it comes to child custody awards, there are two primary forms of custody that can be granted but there are ultimately seven different forms of custody awards.

Informing kids about divorce

Parents in Pennsylvania who face the daunting task of telling their children that they are getting divorced may understandably feel their stomachs in knots when picturing the conversation. There is no easy way to break the news to kids that their parents will be splitting up but there are some things that moms and dads can do to prevent the experience from being worse or more difficult than it needs to be and to help children begin to process the changes to come.

Private school and child support

Divorcing spouses in Pennsylvania who have minor children often need to determine if one person will pay child support to the other and, if so, how much money will be paid every month. When evaluating this, it is always important that you have a clear understanding of the purpose for child support as there are some expenses that may be outside the scope of these payments. If you are the spouse who will receive child support, you will want to know what additional expenses you may be liable for on your own.

What can and cannot be in a prenup

Engaged couples in Pennsylvania might naturally want to focus their energies on planning their wedding and honeymoon but smart couples will also look beyond that and focus on planning their lives beyond the wedding. Part of doing this involves looking at some of the challenges they may encounter, including even a potential divorce. This exercise can force people to talk about difficult topics that they may otherwise avoid but that can help them in the long run.

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