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Important issues relating to divorce and retirement assets

Everyone wants to have a secure retirement nest egg he or she can rely on during his or her golden years. In the best of Pennsylvania marriages, couples work together to plan their retirement and they talk openly about their taxes and financial planning issues. However, in most scenarios, couples do not communicate so well about these topics -- and this can make things even more difficult during divorce.

What should I do if my ex always spoils my kids?

We all have different parenting styles. However, if one parent likes to shower his or her kids with lavish gifts to the point of spoiling them, and the other parent prefers not to grant his or her child's every wish, this can be difficult to deal with. If you're the more conservative parent in this pair, this article could help you deal with the situation. If you're the other parent -- and you know who you are -- you might want to consider finding some common ground with your ex in order to provide a more stable and congruent home environment for your kids.

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