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August 2014 Archives

The distribution of marital property in a Pennsylvania divorce

When legal disagreements arise in a divorce, they often involve a conflict over the division of marital assets. In the state of Pennsylvania, couples must abide by specific laws that apply to the equitable distribution of marital property. Whenever there is a disagreement over the distribution of property in a divorce, no matter how complicated -- or simple -- one's joint property appears to be, a divorce attorney can be immeasurably helpful anyone trying to resolve such property division disagreements.

Father's rights, child custody and the pregnant man

The infamous "Pregnant Man" has been pleading in court to get a divorce from his wife and now it looks like he is going to get what he desires. The 40-year-old, who was originally born a girl, completed gender-reassignment surgeries in 2002 and legally changed his gender to be a man. Eventually, he got married and became famous for having three babies.

When grandparents gain child custody of their grandkids

Most Pennsylvania residents think of child custody disputes as matters between a mother or father. However, it is extremely common for grandparents to also enter into the child custody debate. Indeed, grandparents are assuming the role of parent to their grandkids for a variety of reasons. In some situations, an responsible child may not be able take care of a baby because of drug problems or in other situations, a death of a child could result in a grandparent taking on such a responsibility.

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