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Father’s rights, child custody and the pregnant man

On Behalf of | Aug 15, 2014 | Firm News

The infamous “Pregnant Man” has been pleading in court to get a divorce from his wife and now it looks like he is going to get what he desires. The 40-year-old, who was originally born a girl, completed gender-reassignment surgeries in 2002 and legally changed his gender to be a man. Eventually, he got married and became famous for having three babies.

Later, the popularly nicknamed “Pregnant Man” and his wife decided to get a divorce. However, a judge in the state where they had moved after getting married decided that the couple’s union was not between a man and a woman. This created the potential for a legal hang-up that might have prevented them from getting a divorce, agreeing to specific child custody arrangements and other property division and divorce settlement arrangements.

The judge’s final opinion stated that at the time of the couple’s marriage, the previous state — where gay marriage was not sanctioned at the time — had recognized and allowed for individuals who had undergone sexual re-assignment surgery to legally change their gender. Since the laws of the previous state and the laws of the new state were congruent, the judge decided to grant the request to move forward with the divorce. Following the good news, the Pregnant Man issued a statement saying that he felt like he had finally been recognized, not only as a man, but also has a human being.

When it comes to child custody, transgender marriages, prenuptial agreements and other factors the types of legal challenges that can present themselves are endless. Pennsylvania residents who are currently facing a unique challenge in their divorce proceedings will want to study the problem and investigate case law and state family law statutes in order to find the best strategy for resolving it.

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