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5 reasons you need a divorce attorney’s help

On Behalf of | Aug 25, 2020 | Divorce

Recently, actress Halle Berry submitted a filing in her long-running divorce case stating that she wishes to represent herself. It is not clear why Berry wants to proceed without an attorney representing her, but in general, trying to navigate a divorce without a family lawyer’s help is risky.

A divorce is a complex legal matter. Unless you and your ex have no children and very little property to split up, you will have to try to negotiate a settlement. Going it alone in negotiating asset division, child custody and visitation rights, and child support your own can put you at a serious disadvantage.

Here are five benefits that hiring a Berks County divorce attorney can bring you.

Dependable advice

An experienced Pennsylvania divorce lawyer has seen virtually everything that can happen in a divorce. Their advice can help you work toward your goals efficiently.

Avoid mistakes

This might be the most important reason to hire a divorce attorney. Without any guidance through the process, it can be easy to make mistakes. Problems with your divorce settlement could force you and your ex to go back to court later to fix it, or you might have to start over again.

Reduce stress

Going through divorce can be stressful, both because of the upheaval in your personal life and all the paperwork and court filings required. Your attorney can handle the procedural work and negotiations for you, taking away a source of stress and worry. You can have confidence that your divorce is being taken care of properly.

No delays

Getting your divorce taken of the right way the first time can wrap up your divorce as soon as possible. You can begin moving on your with your life sooner with an attorney’s help.

A clear and binding agreement

Using an attorney to represent you, you will end up with a divorce order that clearly lays out your rights and obligations. You will know exactly what you are entitled to from your ex, and be able to enforce those rights in court if necessary.

Investing in legal help for your divorce can save you a lot of time, money and worry in the long run.

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