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Helping a preschooler through a divorce

On Behalf of | Dec 28, 2018 | Family Law

Pennsylvania residents who are planning a divorce and who have kids between the ages of two and four should learn how best to help their children during this transition. Such assistance begins from the moment that a child is told about their parents’ divorce.

If at all possible, both parents should break the news about their divorce to their kids together in a family-style meeting. This allows moms and dads to present a united front which generally results in a greater sense of security for children. During this conversation, no blame should be assigned to anyone especially the children. Instead, the choice to live separately should be positioned as one made by both adults for the good of the family.

For preschoolers, Today’s Parent notes that any conversations should be brief and focused on the child’s everyday world so that the child can start to get a sense of how their daily life will change and what they can expect. It is also important that parents expect to have multiple discussions about the changes in a preschooler’s life as repetition and consistency will be essential to moving the child through the transition.

LiveAbout.com explains that divorcing moms and dads of preschoolers should watch out for signs that the changes are impacting their child. These may include behavioral regressions, nightmares or an increase in separation anxiety or general fearfulness. Parents should work to create a schedule and routines that are stable and as close to the pre-divorce routines as possible to help these youngsters.



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