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Do half of Pennsylvania marriages really result in divorce?

On Behalf of | Feb 12, 2015 | Firm News

A research scientist has put out new figures regarding divorce rates in Pennsylvania and the rest of the United States, and the results of her research are positive. Apparently, the commonly believed notion that 50 percent of marriages fail is not actually correct. In fact, the researcher — who is also a Wall Street analyst and social scientist — says that divorce rates are far lower than anyone originally believed. Study results shows that divorce rates have been dropping since 1980 and they are very far from 50 percent.

More accurate figures suggest that 71 percent of all women who are currently married have not been divorced and are still together with their first husbands. When the figures are adjusted for instances of widowhood, the real average divorce rate in the United States appears to be 25 percent. While some might say that one out of four sounds like a lot, it is certainly a great deal better than the previous figure of half. Also, couples who are Christians appear to have an even lower divorce rate of around 22 percent.

There is no way to track data relating to people who are living together romantically without tying the knot, but if this were possible, it would be interesting to see how divorce rates compared to cohabitation arrangements that fail. Some believe the numbers for failed cohabitation arrangements are larger than divorce rates. As for how many people are actually married in the United States, research shows that 51 percent of people 18-year-old and up are married. This figure is quite different from 1971, when 71 percent of adults were married.

Knowing the real figures that apply to marriage and divorce rates can be valuable for any Pennsylvania resident who is currently going through divorce proceedings. These individuals may want to marry again one day, and having the false idea that there is a 50 percent chance every marriage will fail could wrongly serve to make someone afraid to get married again.

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