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Author says fathers are being neglected in child custody cases

On Behalf of | Sep 26, 2014 | Firm News

A new book is coming out from an author who has often spoken about equal rights between men and women, and it focuses around the idea that the rights of fathers may often be neglected. This is an important thing to consider when looking at child custody cases.

In essence, the author claims that the courts so often give full custody to mothers that women are more likely to get divorced, knowing that they are going to get to keep their children and not suffer from any ramifications. She says that this has even led mothers to get divorced when they don’t have a real reason to do so, suggesting that they may simply be tired of being married.

Not only does this apply to children, but the author says that it applies to money, as well. She indicates that women often realize that they are going to get favoritism in court that could give them a significant percentage of the income being earned by their husbands.

The writer also bashes the court system, saying that it is too biased toward women. She advocates a system that offers more equality to both of the genders. On top of that, she says that the way that things are handled now is, to some degree, helping to destroy the classic idea of the family unit.

Of course, books written on this subject are going to contain a lot of opinion, but these are still important things to think about when going through a child custody battle in Pennsylvania. It is important for fathers to know what rights they have and what they can do, in a legal sense, to make sure that those rights are protected.

Source: WND, “Schlafly: ‘War on women?’ Real target is fathers” Paul Bremer, Sep. 24, 2014

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