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March 2016 Archives

Could Pennsylvania shorten its 2-year wait on unilateral divorce?

Divorce is difficult enough as it is, but in Pennsylvania, divorce can be even more difficult when one or the other spouse does not want to end the marriage. Believe it or not, there is a two-year long waiting time before a spouse can proceed with a no-fault, unilateral divorce. This waiting period can be difficult for children, the family and both spouses. Meanwhile, for consenting spouses, grounds for divorce can be established after just 90 days.

Pennsylvania high net worth asset division proceedings

There are very few Pennsylvania residents who wouldn't jump at the chance of becoming part of the "1 percent." However, when it comes time for these 1-percenters to enter into divorce proceedings, it certainly makes the asset division process immeasurably complicated. Indeed, for couples with assets in excess of several million dollars, the process of dividing those possessions can be mind numbingly difficult to organize.

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