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What factors do courts look at when deciding child custody?

Pennsylvania parents who are in the midst of a child custody battle will usually want to know what their chances are of winning. In order to evaluate the strengths and merits of a child custody case in this regard, family law attorneys will generally look at the same factors that the courts will look at. This article will discuss the most essential factors courts review in deciding these kinds of cases.

Rights of a grandfather

We often talk about the rights of a father, but what about the rights of a grandfather and a grandmother? Grandparents love their grandchildren just as much as parents do, so when something happens that might prevent a grandparent from seeing the child -- such as divorce -- it can be devastating. Even worse, however, is when a grandparent knows that his or her grandchildren are not being properly cared for. Fortunately, in some scenarios, grandparents and even great-grandparents can seek physical custody rights over their grandchildren.

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