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January 2014 Archives

Common perception of single fathers appears to be incorrect

There is often the perception that single fathers are irresponsible and do not live up to their obligations to take care of their children.  One commentator who in the past had made such assumptions discovered that she had been wrong.

Asset division: A little pre-split prepping goes a long way

OK, so you’re going to get divorced. If you are like most people in Pennsylvania and elsewhere about to take this plunge and embark on a new life, you are likely thinking about money and possessions.

Keeping retirement assets in mind when it comes to divorce

While individuals going through the process of divorce may wish to just get it over with, it is still important to make certain that any property division is conducted properly.  The division of retirement assets can in particular be important.  These retirement assets can well be the largest asset that a couple has and it's therefore important not to make any mistakes when it comes to dividing these up.

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