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November 2013 Archives

Delicious irony: Dad could lose custody for denying son fast food

Determining what constitutes as a good parent has now been made more difficult to define this month because of a case out of New York in which a father could be denied visitation rights to his son because he would not take the 5-year-old to McDonald’s for dinner. While many people across the nation, including some here in Pennsylvania, applaud the father for not giving in to unhealthy eating habits, a psychologist’s testimony in family court recently may have wrongfully branded the man as an unfit parent instead.

Dr. Quinn finds legal separation best remedy for her marriage

For a lot of couples across the nation there comes a time when they realize that their marriage isn’t quite what it used to be. In the end, talks of divorce can often occur. But what if your religious beliefs do not include divorce? What if it’s more financial advantageous to stay married yet live apart?

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