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Standing Up For Your Rights As A Grandparent

The relationship and bond between grandparents and grandchildren is important to the emotional development and well-being of a child. At times, grandparents may become estranged from their grandchildren. Under certain circumstances, the law in Pennsylvania provides grandparents and great-grandparents the ability to seek physical custody of their grandchildren.

When grandparents have been placed in the role of primary caregiver to their grandchildren for a period of time, they have the right to seek primary physical custody of those grandchildren. If parents are not capable of caring properly for their children, then the court may award custody to the grandparents.

In situations such as the death of a parent or separation of the parents and grandparents find themselves restricted from having a relationship with their grandchildren, the law also provides grandparents the ability to seek partial custody and visitation of their grandchildren.

Our attorneys have extensive experience handling grandparent custody cases. In many situations, amicable resolutions can be reached. In other situations, litigation is necessary to achieve the best outcome for our clients.

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