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Parental relocation and parent-child relationships

On Behalf of | Aug 21, 2018 | Child Custody

If you and your spouse are getting divorced in Pennsylvania and you have children still at home, you will no doubt be concerned about helping your kids through this experience. Maintaining strong relationships with both parents is generally considered to be in the best interest of children barring unusual circumstances such as when one parent is abusive to children. What happens when one parent feels they must move out of the area in order to support themselves and meet their financial obligations to their children?

Every state and divorce decree may have a different view on parental location but some of these decisions may rest with you and your children’s other parent. As explained by Psychology Today, should the two of you as adults agree that a parental relocation is acceptable, you will next want to work together to do what you can to protect that parent’s relationships with the children for the good of the kids.

This is much harder with young children but can get easier as kids get older and are able to process life situations more effectively. Details may be added to your parenting plan that outline regular, even daily, communications via telephone, video calls, texts or other methods. Extra effort to schedule visits in person may also be helpful.

If you would like to learn more about how you and your former spouse might manage the relocation of one of you to ensure the best outcome for your children, please feel free to visit the parental relocation page of our Pennsylvania family law and divorce website.

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