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3 reasons why it’s time for a child custody modification

On Behalf of | Aug 17, 2018 | Firm News

Life after divorce strings along many changes. For some people, they want a fresh start and clean slate. For others, they want to continue giving their children a normal life. Sometimes this means they want their child to spend equal time with both parents. Other times, the court might find it beneficial for the child to stay with one parent versus the other. Regardless of the finalized custody arrangement, things change and children grow. It’s necessary to make adjustments to accommodate them.

There are a few indicators for when it’s time to reorganize, including:

  1. Your schedules change. Custody arrangements have a lot to do with each parent’s work schedule. A certain structure probably worked for some time. Maybe you brought your child to school while the other parents took them to soccer practice, or you alternated weekends. One day, your boss tells you things are getting busy and you need to come in on some weekends the next few months. Now is a necessary time to have the custody schedule reorganized, for the sake of the child.
  2. Your childs schedule changes. Just like adults come across changes at work, children experience changes with school. Perhaps during the summer, it was easy to switch off weeks. Your child wasn’t on a set schedule and the back and forth didn’t impact them. Fall comes around, and now you and the other parent need to consider the child’s school schedule. They might benefit from living in one household for the month, then alternating.
  3. Your child is in danger. While the Pennsylvania courts take all matters seriously, the child’s safety is their top priority. If the other parent is facing criminal charges, they will most likely allow a temporary, immediate adjustment. In another scenario, the other parent may begin dating someone whom the child feels unsafe around. This is another valid reason for change.

The court will consider other reasons for custody modification, such as a parent relocating for work. Overall, the decisions are based on the child’s best interests. Sometimes a child expresses the need to be with one parent more than the other. Their physical and emotional well-being are strong factors in the deciding process.

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