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A new year often leads to new lives

On Behalf of | Dec 26, 2017 | Firm News

It is a standard part of life in our society that when New Year’s Day finally arrives, people in Pennsylvania look at how they can make positive changes in their life for the coming year and beyond. Resolution lists are created and some are achieved while others are not. In addition to weight loss or smoking cessation, some people look at how they may address other difficult parts of their lives by leaving unhappy marriages.

As explained by CNN, beginning in January and running all the way through the first three months of the new calendar year, more spouses across the country have been found to be searching online for topics related to divorce. More conversations with divorce professionals are also had. In addition, the filings for new divorces also increase during these three months. While January is sometimes called divorce month by some, it is actually the month when the contemplation starts turning into action even if full action does not kick in until February or March.

The Street suggests that spouses who may be wondering how to tell if their partner is considering a divorce may look at some common behavioral signs. These include but are not limited to being more secretive or less communicative than normal.

The desire to live through the holidays without having to experience the embarrassment of sharing news about a broken or failedmarriage at family gatherings may well be part of what makes the spike in divorces early in the year so common.




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