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Keep your focus during property division negotiations

On Behalf of | Sep 30, 2016 | Property Division

The property division laws in Pennsylvania were the focus of one of our recent blog posts. For people who are going through a property division case during a divorce, this process can be challenging. We know that it is easy for you to let your emotions take over when you are dealing with how to divide the things you have worked so hard for over the years. That isn’t always the best thing when you are negotiating how this will be done.

We can help you think about how each proposal that is made might affect you. It is important that you consider how each property division option can help you now, but you must also think about how it might affect you in the future.

For example, buying out your marital home might be something that you want to do. However, think about how you will be able to handle the financial burden of that decision on only your income. Will you be able to afford the mortgage, upkeep, taxes, insurance, and repairs while keeping up with your other bills? If not, maybe keeping the house isn’t the best option for you.

If you and your ex amassed a lot of property, have considerable investments and/or retirement accounts, the property division process can get complicated. We can help you work through complex property division matters so that you know exactly what is going on.

If you think that money or assets might be missing, we can turn to forensic accounting to determine if that is the case. Getting a property division settlement that is right for you is our priority.

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