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Startup wants to bet $10,000 that you will get divorced

On Behalf of | Dec 18, 2015 | Property Division

A new startup company has a very unusual business plan. It wants to give you and your spouse-to-be $10,000 to finance your wedding day, and you will not have to pay it back unless you get a divorce. However, when it’s payback time, you’ll get hit with some interest — interest that the co-founder of the company says “won’t be too crazy.”

This business plan might sound a little less-than-scrupulous, but according to one of the co-founders, they hold a more altruistic vision for hopeful couples. Basically, the co-founder does not believe his company is profiting off the misery of failed marriages; rather, he says the money and interest paid back from failed marriages will go toward financing the dreams of new hopeful couples.

In fact, the business was born out of the co-founder’s roommate being strapped for cash before his wedding day. The co-founder, not thinking that money should get in the way of love, started thinking about how swans mate for life — and humans are supposed to as well. Thus, the business SwanLuv was born. He said his company is actually promoting everlasting relationships.

Although the entire business model of SwanLuv relies on money coming in from failed marriages to finance new ones, the SwanLuv co-founder says that his business will not be profiting from these heartbreaking scenarios. Rather, it will rely on advertising revenue to generate a profit for itself.

No one likes divorce, and having to shell out an extra $10,000 in addition to the need to divide your property in asset division proceedings will be a hard pill to swallow for SwanLuv clients. As for the typical challenges of asset division, though, Pennsylvania residents may want to obtain the services of an experienced divorce lawyer to help them navigate their breakups.

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