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Artist’s domestic violence history an issue in child custody suit

On Behalf of | Jun 4, 2015 | Fathers' Rights

Music artist Chris Brown has been trying to get custody of his daughter, Royalty Brown. According to one legal expert, the artist still has a lot of challenges to overcome before he can have full legal rights as the father of his daughter.

The 26-year-old artist has been fighting the mother of his child, Nia Guzman, regarding child support payments. However, if Brown wants to seek custodial rights, he will need to file legal documents in the state of Texas, where his daughter currently lives with her mother. First, he will need to establish paternity, by filing a petition to do so in court. Next, the mother will be given a chance to respond to the paternity petition. Next, Brown would submit a request for an order from the judge, and request the receipt of both custody and visitation rights. Finally, the judge would make his or her decision on the matter.

However, unlike most fathers seeking paternity rights, Brown is up against a significant challenge — his criminal history of domestic violence. Fathers who have a history of domestic violence, drug abuse and other types of criminal activity could find it more difficult to obtain the paternity rights they desire.

When it comes to overcoming challenges relating to past criminal convictions in a Pennsylvania paternity suit, fathers need to handle the matter sensitively. They may need to build a case for why they are fit to be fathers, and try to convince the court that they have either remedied their past behavioral issues or are currently getting treatment to resolve the problems.

Source: Hollywood Life, “Chris Brown: The Difficult Road He Faces Establishing Legal Fatherhood Of Royalty,” Christopher Rogers, May 26, 2015

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