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Understanding the income shares model

Are you the parent of a minor child or children in Pennsylvania who is getting divorced? Maybe you have never been married to your child's other parent. In either situation, one fact is true and that is the fact that both parents have a financial responsibility to their child. If you are raising your child and interested in seeking child support from the other parent, it will be important for you to understand how these awards are determined.

Understanding the Acknowledgement of Paternity

If you are an unmarried woman in Pennsylvania who is pregnant or recently had a baby, you may want to know how you can legally establish the paternity of your child in part so that your child may receive child support from the father. If you are the father of a baby but are not married to the mother, you may want to ensure your paternity is legally established so that you may enjoy your full parental rights and help to raise your child.

Detailing Pennsylvania's child support guidelines

Most divorced parents in Reading likely anticipate having to pay some amount of child support each month. That said, those same people would likely agree that they do not want such payments to be viewed as being punitive. Some may believe that child support is a way in which one can get back at his or her ex-spouse by taking as much of his or her money as possible through child support. The truth is, however, the court does not allow that. It only wants to ensure that children have as much as is required to meet their needs. 

What exceptions are considered when making child support plans?

Pennsylvania parents who are getting a divorce will not only have to deal with their own assets. They'll also have to deal with their child, and how to raise them. At Palange, Endres & Marks, P.C., we focus on helping parents like you find child support payment plans that work best for everyone involved.

One woman tells about why she supports father's rights

One paralegal has assisted men when it comes to fighting for their parenting rights and spoke of a conversation she had with another woman she had recently met.  The paralegal spoke of what she was doing and was then asked if there were fathers that were actually seeking equal rights.

Common perception of single fathers appears to be incorrect

There is often the perception that single fathers are irresponsible and do not live up to their obligations to take care of their children.  One commentator who in the past had made such assumptions discovered that she had been wrong.

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