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What makes stepparent adoption different?

As a stepparent in Pennsylvania, there are many reasons why you may wish to adopt the children your spouse has from a previous relationship. While stepparent adoption is quite common, the process is a little bit different than it would be if you were adopting a child previously unknown to you, more complicated in some ways and less complicated in others.

How is a parenting plan used by the court?

When you get divorced, the court in Pennsylvania has you develop a parenting plan, which outlines your visitation and custody agreement with your ex-spouse. This plan can be very helpful to everyone to ensure there are no misunderstandings or issues when it comes to your children. The court uses it to ensure that the situation is in the best interests of your children.

Grandparents can leave their grandchildren an inheritance

Pennsylvania grandparents that take direct responsibility for raising their grandchildren because the parents cannot care for them due to personal problems are often faced with how to leave their grandchildren an inheritance. While writing a will seems like an easy move, wills still have to go through probate, plus other relatives might make a move for the grandchildren’s inheritance. Fortunately, Pennsylvania seniors have ways to exert greater control over their grandchildren’s inheritance.

The opioid epidemic and america's family dynamics

As the opioid epidemic continues to take its toll across America, Pennsylvania appears to be one of the most severely affected areas on the map. As a result, countless grandparents in the state have welcomed their children's children with open arms. Although this step is certainly an honorable one, it is not always easy.    

Why is a marital agreement important when getting remarried?

Whether you have been divorced or widowed, if you are getting married for a second time in Pennsylvania and either you or your partner have children from previous relationships, you should understand how a strong prenuptial agreement can help you, your future spouse and your children. Many people might often think about a prenup only as a tool used for planning an eventual divorce. However, that is far from the only benefit a prenup has to offer especially for a remarrying couple.

Avoiding the “Disneyland dad” label

Parenting is a challenge under the best of circumstances. When you and your ex-spouse must divide the time you spend with your children, it can be even more difficult. At the law office of Palange, Endres & Marks, P.C., we understand the challenges divorced parents in Pennsylvania face every day.

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