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Make choices about divorce in Pennsylvania

Going through a divorce is something that you really need to make a plan for. You have to think about how you will divvy up assets and debts to ensure that you have a good handle on what is going on. We can help you to learn about how Pennsylvania laws apply to your case.

New state law shortens waiting period for no-fault divorce

Pennsylvania has had no-fault divorce since 1980. That was the year that it reformed its divorce code, which had been in place since colonial days. The initial waiting period for a no-fault divorce was three years. That was lowered to two years in 1988.

Keep your focus during property division negotiations

The property division laws in Pennsylvania were the focus of one of our recent blog posts. For people who are going through a property division case during a divorce, this process can be challenging. We know that it is easy for you to let your emotions take over when you are dealing with how to divide the things you have worked so hard for over the years. That isn't always the best thing when you are negotiating how this will be done.

Gray divorce rates continue to increase

While many people think of bitter custody battles when they think of divorce, this isn't always the case. Gray divorce is the term used for divorce that involve those aged 50 or over. These late-in-life divorces have continued to increase, with the divorce rate for those in this age group having doubled from 1990 to 2010.

What should you know about property division?

Divorce is, just as its name suggests, a division. The relationship is ending, both parties are going their separate ways and who is taking what with them needs to be settled. In general, the fewer the assets, the easier the property division process, but this is largely dependent on how well the two parties are able to cooperate.

How is property divided in a Pennsylvania divorce?

The property division process in Pennsylvania largely boils down to what the courts determine is marital property and what is separate property. All property acquired by a husband and wife during the course of their marriage will be seen as marital property and subject to division. This property includes earned money and acquired property

Could Pennsylvania shorten its 2-year wait on unilateral divorce?

Divorce is difficult enough as it is, but in Pennsylvania, divorce can be even more difficult when one or the other spouse does not want to end the marriage. Believe it or not, there is a two-year long waiting time before a spouse can proceed with a no-fault, unilateral divorce. This waiting period can be difficult for children, the family and both spouses. Meanwhile, for consenting spouses, grounds for divorce can be established after just 90 days.

Pennsylvania high net worth asset division proceedings

There are very few Pennsylvania residents who wouldn't jump at the chance of becoming part of the "1 percent." However, when it comes time for these 1-percenters to enter into divorce proceedings, it certainly makes the asset division process immeasurably complicated. Indeed, for couples with assets in excess of several million dollars, the process of dividing those possessions can be mind numbingly difficult to organize.

Startup wants to bet $10,000 that you will get divorced

A new startup company has a very unusual business plan. It wants to give you and your spouse-to-be $10,000 to finance your wedding day, and you will not have to pay it back unless you get a divorce. However, when it's payback time, you'll get hit with some interest -- interest that the co-founder of the company says "won't be too crazy."

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