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April 2016 Archives

How is property divided in a Pennsylvania divorce?

The property division process in Pennsylvania largely boils down to what the courts determine is marital property and what is separate property. All property acquired by a husband and wife during the course of their marriage will be seen as marital property and subject to division. This property includes earned money and acquired property

Paternity and fathers' rights in Pennsylvania

It is not uncommon -- especially in the past -- for Pennsylvania fathers to get the short end of the stick when it comes to child custody proceedings. In fact, it used to be quite common for mothers to gain full custody of children following a divorce and fathers would only receive visitation rights. Fortunately, laws and legal practices throughout the nation are changing in the modern age and fathers are being given more rights during child custody proceedings.

What decisions will I have to make in my divorce?

When a Pennsylvania resident is considering separating from his or her spouse, the most important decision he or she will make is whether to follow through with the divorce. However, once a decision is made, a lot more decisions will need to be considered carefully relating to the separation and dissolution of the marriage. This article will discuss the most important decisions that separating Pennsylvania spouses will have to make during their divorce proceedings.

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