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July 2014 Archives

Are Pennsylvania Facebook users getting more divorces?

Time and again, it seems like studies are finding a link between the frequency of Facebook use and the likelihood of divorce. The question is, are marital problems the cause for increased use of Facebook and social media or does an increased use of social media actually cause more divorce to occur? Considering the intense complexity of divorce and the division of assets process for the average Pennsylvania resident, this is definitely a question worth answering.

Division of assets for Pennsylvania spouses over 50 years of age

The division of assets during a Pennsylvania divorce is never easy. The emotional aspects of "letting go" and the legal and financial complexities can be overwhelming. Issues surrounding the division of assets in a divorce, though, can often be even more complex for individuals over the age of 50. Because these spouses usually have many years of work and savings behind them, and are nearing retirement age, the property division processes often includes pension plans, IRA accounts, real estate property and other complicated financial assets.

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