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May 2014 Archives

Man to pay ex-wife $40,000 in fees for child custody battle

Although judges make child custody decisions based on the best interests of the child, it's impossible to make everyone happy. Child custody issues can intensify when one parent moves out of the country, and the child sees one parent only a few times a year. This is the case for a former Pennsylvania couple who divorced and have battled over child custody. The battle has cost the woman nearly $40,000 in attorney fees, which a judge recently ordered her ex-husband to pay.

Jason Patric wages child custody dispute

In the past, fatherhood was fairly easy to determine. Most children were born naturally and within the confines of marriage, so there was no issues about which man was the father and if a sperm donor was considered a father. But now, Pennsylvanians may be confused about situations in which a woman accepts a sperm donation and uses it to make a baby. Is the sperm donor a father? Actor Jason Patric seems to think so. He and his former girlfriend have been arguing over child custody of the 4-year-old boy they created together.

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